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Any Oriental rug you own is made of natural fibers and dyes. While their colors and ornate designs are beautiful, a stain can ruin in an instant. While getting store-bought cleaning agents can help relieve the situation, nothing will truly get the stain out without causing some harm to the rug. Leave this to the professionals at Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning.

At Cosmopolitan Cleaning Carpet and Rug Cleaning, we treat each Oriental and area rugs with special attention individually. With a proper cleaning at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility, we determine the best method and cleaning solution to take proper care of your rug. We specialize to its weave, fibers, and dyes. Due to their delicate nature, it is best to clean Oriental rugs with special care cleaning agents with the correct PH balance. This will deter any browning, fading, or discolorations. Temperatures will be adjusted according to each type of rug. We specialize in cleaning rugs of all kinds, especially any Oriental rugs such as Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Persian, and Afghani. We focus on keeping the integrity of the rug due to its delicate fibers, such as wool, cotton, and silk, or a wide variety of synthetics used. We specifically use a variety of products specially used to clean those fragile fibers.

With Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning, we take our time to make sure we get the job done right the first time. We offer free pick and  delivery of your area rugs, We will remove it from your home and bring it to our facility to give it the deep wash it needs, and bring back to your home when it has been properly cleaned and dried. Give us a call so we can get your delicate Oriental and area rugs cleaned! You can reach us at (817) 265-9031!