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Cosmopolitan Carpet and Rug Cleaning offers our customers the ultimate in upholstery cleaning and protection. Almost all fabrics, including delicate and hard to clean fabrics are ones we can treat. Before we treat any furniture or stains, we do an inspection of the item. We assess all stains and spots to plan and inform you on what to expect from the cleaning.

After we do this, we then pre-condition the fabric allowing the cleaning agents to penetrate and emulsify the dirt and stains. Following this, we will do a textile rinse and extract to thoroughly eliminate any stains and dirt that have set in. If needed, we can set air movers to accelerate the drying time. Some fabrics we would use a brush to groom and set the pile for drying.

Something to keep in mind is that most upholstered furniture use varied materials and methods of manufacture than carpet. Many manufacturers apply a dry-cleaning label to protect them and eliminate some risk of damage. With dry cleaning you can sacrifice a thorough cleaning for the extraction cleaning.  We have found that with pre-testing few pieces of upholstery need to be dry-cleaned, and we can actually, wet clean them.  There are thousands of different kinds of upholstered fabrics and thousands of kinds of stains that can penetrate them. Most stains can be lifted if treated with the right mix of non-toxic cleaning products and with immediate cleaning to prevent them from setting. It can be harder to remove a stain that has been treated beforehand with the wrong product or allowed time to set.