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Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning is Arlington’s in-plant area rug washing facility.  We will schedule our technician to pick up your rugs as rugs are best removed to be professionally cleaned at the plant.  (Please avoid companies who say they can clean area rugs and Oriental carpets in your home. “It’s like trying to wash your clothes while still wearing the”).  The technician will then do a thorough inspection and call you with pricing and any recommendations for specific treatments if needed.  Once approved then he will start the cleaning.

Oriental rugs and many types of area rugs are more often made of Wool, Wool blends, Cotton, Sisal, Viscose/Rayon, and other natural fibers. The in-plant process starts with “dusting” the rug with compressed air to remove loose dirt. Dye tests are done to ensure that the dyes are stable, typically this is done overnight.  The next day the rug is washed per the testing and during the wash process any spots and stains are addressed.

The in-plant cleaning assures optimal control of temperatures.  Then the rug is rinsed and run through our Centrifuge to remove as much water as possible.  We then hand the rug for drying with adequate air movement and temperature control. Finally, the fringe is cleaned and any specialized work such as repairs, deodorizing, mothproofing, removal of gum or wax etc. is done.  Once finished we groom and wrap it for delivery.  Then our office personnel will call you to schedule a good day for delivery. This process typically takes 5 –7 working days.