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At our company, we understand the importance of maintaining and preserving the beauty of your hardwood floors. That’s why we utilize state-of-the-art equipment such as the Dirt Dragon Floor Prep and Cleaning Machine, coupled with Basic Coatings commercial-grade cleaners, to deliver exceptional results for our clients in the field of hardwood floor maintenance.

Comprehensive Cleaning Process

Our intensive cleaning process goes beyond surface-level cleaning. We employ advanced techniques to extract hidden dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants that may compromise the integrity of your hardwood floors. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that merely address surface dirt, our process reaches deep within the boards, improving indoor air quality and circulation while rejuvenating the appearance of your floors.

No Dust, Low Odor, Low VOC

We prioritize the health and safety of our clients and the environment. Our cleaning process is designed to produce no dust, low odor, and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), ensuring a comfortable and eco-friendly experience for everyone involved.

The Dirt Dragon Advantage

The Dirt Dragon Floor Prep and Cleaning Machine is specifically engineered for wood floors, featuring a custom cylindrical brush that effectively cleans without damaging the finish. This innovative machine, combined with our Intensive Floor Treatment (IFT), agitates and loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped deep within the floor, providing thorough cleaning that simple mopping cannot achieve.

Efficient and Effective Results

Our cleaning process includes exclusive water containment and a high-powered vacuum system that scrubs and extracts soils from wood floor surfaces while leaving the floor dry. With rear caster wheels for superior maneuverability and an offset brush for easy toe-kick and edge cleaning, we ensure every corner of your hardwood floors receives the attention it deserves.

Restore the Luster of Your Floors

In addition to cleaning, we offer refinishing services to restore your floors’ luster and provide a uniform sheen, whether you prefer gloss or satin finish. Our team is dedicated to delivering impeccable results that exceed your expectations.

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