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Stain Removal

A stain is usually an addition of color which can be from a colored drink, wine, or juice. It can also be from pet accidents, urine, vomit or feces, & blood some pet accidents can cause discoloration of the carpet and if a pet is on medication this can cause staining also. But no worries Call Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services for any stubborn stains, spots & spills. We have over 35 years of carpet cleaning experience with technician that are EXPERTS in stain removal! We know you take every precaution to protect your carpet in hopes that no accidents or stains ever occur, but accidents do happen.
Why Do Stains Resurface After Cleaning?
Most customers do not realize when you clean carpets there is the possibility of wicking. This is when the spots disappear at the time of cleaning but return after the carpet is dry. Most of us feel that the cleaning was not done properly but in essence it was. Many times, the spot that is being removed has seeped into the backing of the carpet. This is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in “volume”. The material dries in the backing and the cushion (pad) of the carpet. When the spot is cleaned, only the material in the “pile” of the carpet is removed. However, moisture is introduced to into the backing of the carpet. As the spot dries, the material that is in the backing of the carpet wicks back into the pile.
What Do I do?
If you are dealing with a small spill, your first step is to blot up as much as possible. Use a clean towel then pile heavy books on top of it. If the stain reappears again, or if you are dealing with a much bigger spill, you may need to actually pull back your carpet to let the pad, and possibly sub-floor, dry out. This can be too much work involved so always call your professional carpet cleaning company you can trust. Most carpet manufacturing companies recommend hot water extraction for all carpet cleaning services. This is the only true way to remove all dirt and bacteria from your home. This will help maintain your carpets and keep it in the shape you want for many years to come. You spent a lot for your carpets so keep it maintained on a yearly basis.
Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal
Cosmopolitan Carpet and Rug Cleaning has the technology and our technicians are professionally trained to identify and remove most stains.

Our deep cleaning process is highly effective on everyday dirt and soil buildup but no matter how careful you are you are bound to have some stubborn stains. Stains require additional treatments for removal and we have several different stain removal processes. We offer a new system “Water Claw, with this process it penetrates through the carpet backing and into the padding to insure that the stain won’t re-occur. We offer a filtration soil remover to remove dark lines along walls and behind doors. Stain lifter product that can eliminate or improve red wine and juice spills. We also have spotting agents to remove ink, gum, rust, grease, and many more spots.

If stain removal is not possible we can provide you with an estimate to patch the stained area.

Color Loss Can Be Spot Dyed. Color Loss Can Be Caused By Several Factors Such As:

• Sun Fading
• Bleach
• Acne Medication

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When you want the job done right, trust the professionals at Cosmopolitan Carpet & Rug Cleaning.

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Do you have Recurring Spots?

We can help using “The Water Claw” sub-surface spot lifter!

The basic rule of Sub-Surface spot removal is: any contaminants in carpet and/or pad that can be suspended in a liquid can be extracted out with “The Water Claw”.

The WATER CLAW Sub-Surface Spot Lifter literally flushes contaminants from carpet face fibers, backing and pad. Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems when combined with the professional technician’s knowledge of spotting solutions, for example:

Diagram shows the hand-held WATER CLAW Spot Lifter, we typically use the larger Water Claw.
Soda Pop/Coffee
Saturate with hot water then apply the WATER CLAW.
Saturate with a dilution of your favorite de-greasing cleaner, WATER CLAW. Then saturate with a rinsing agent to remove cleaner residue and WATER CLAW the area again.
Pet Urine
Saturate with your favorite urine liquefier. Allow a small amount of dwell time, followed by the WATER CLAW. (Repeat this step as needed.) Then saturate with your favorite urine deodorizer for your final flush and WATER CLAW. (Some single non-toxic cleaning products perform well for both purposes).
Wicking Problems
Wicking problems of all kinds can be flushed out with the proper spotting dilutions or even straight water, as determined by the technician.

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